You Have to Say Something….
about being human(e)….

  • How to Destroy Your Relationship

    Introduction A recent (when I wrote this in Aug 2022) article in The Australian described “How Good Men Make Bad Husbands”. While the article did not suggest that only men made bad spouses, many commenters took issue with the article for picking on men, for ignoring that women are also good at eroding relationships and […]

  • Consciousness as Memory

    Since the 1990’s decade of the brain, researchers investigating the brain and our experience as conscious persons have undermined, if not contradicted, our normal everyday understanding of ourselves as beings who immediately and directly sense our surroundings and make consciously reasoned decisions on our options. This post will informally explore some implications of these findings […]

  • What are we doing here?!?

    You Have to Say Something Or maybe you don’t. Wittgenstein recommended in his Tractatus that “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” But doesn’t this recommendation mean that one should remain silent on matters (odd word in this context) that are at the felt heart of being human? My inclination is toward a […]

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