Welcome to You Have to Say Something.

About What?

This site will contain some of my informal thoughts on a variety of subjects but mainly on those concerned with “the human”. In my version that means,

  1. How we function at an objective level
  2. How we experience our selves
  3. How we (can coherently) talk about both and each of the first two
  4. Some history of 3
  5. Other stuff….
  6. ….

For a look at the way I write and a high level view of what this may all be about, please see What Are We Doing Here…? That post talks about my approach to comments.

About Who(m)?

I’m an old bugger who has been

  • An IT tech and process manager for 45+ years
  • A Psychotherapist and Relationship Therapist for 12+ years
  • A practicing meditator for 50+ years
  • An avid reader of the sciences of the human (psych, neuro, archaeo, ethno, bio, physio, …) for 50+ years
  • A dillentantesque martial arts practitioner (50+, again) with today’s art being Taiji
  • In two previous marriages and is, for the last 16 years, happily in live/love with this wonderful lady.